storm watch — warning – a lesson for my kids.

So we are under a winter storm watch. From Saturday evening to Monday morning.

Winter on the Northern Plains typically lasts from mid October when we normally get our first snow to late April, when we get our last snow.  This year, we have been blessed with Spring like weather until this past week.  Two days ago we received an inch and a half of snow.  Last year at this time we had over 90 inches to put it into perspective.

Now, we are under a storm warning that promises to change that. Now since Winter on the Northern plains is a 6 and a half month proposition, it would make sense that we are used to being in the weather.  Nope.  First snow of the year and everyone forgets how to drive on snow.  Everyone forgets the cardinal rule when travelling.

“Never pass the snow plow.”

Why?  Well apart from common sense that you don’t pass a vehicle when you are snow blind that may at any point turn into your lane.  It makes sense doesn’t it?  Don’t go there.  Plus, I think that there are rules regarding passing the plow.  The plow man is mandated to turn or pull off the road at specified intervals in order to allow accumulated traffic pass him.

How nerve wracking must it be to be sitting up in that plow, plumes of snow cascading off of the blade on your truck or tractor, obscuring the vision behind you, and here comes this car. Not much bigger than the plow in front of your truck.  Where did he come from?  Heaven forbid, where did he go?

Never pass the snow plow.



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