Whitney Houston – RIP

With the passing of the singer/actress Whitney Houston, we as people need to remember a couple of things.

  1. She was a mother.  She leaves behind one child. We should respect her memory for the sake of her child. No good can come from speaking ill of the dead.
  2. She was human.  She had flaws just like the rest of us.
  3. She was a star, stars burn hot and fast.  Tragically, she lived with a lot of demons according to news reports she fought drug addiction just like most other major stars of the music industry.
  4. Believe only about 40% of what you hear and read from the Internet.  Of that, you should confirm everything.  If you can get two independent confirmations of a story, then you should be able to consider it real.  If you see it on CNN, can you find it on Fox?  Want unbiased reporting of things going on in the United States? Go overseas and read The Guardian or check out the BBC.

I never got the chance to see Miss Houston in concert.  In my youth, I enjoyed her music. As a young adult I enjoyed the movies that she was in.  As an adult, I never paid a lot of attention as she seemed to be battling her own demons.

Like the father Tommy Jordan who posted the attention getting video this week said.  Some things follow you forever. Regardless of the true cause of her death, rumors will run rampant until the end of time concerning what actually happened. Do not promote rumor and innuendo.  Remember that Miss Houston leaves behind family who loved her as a mother, daughter, sister and/or aunt.


R.I.P. Miss Houston.



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