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Today we had our facilitated IEP.  We are at an impasse, and the next step is an administrative hearing.
Our school district is consitent in one thing.  they can lie.  Their favorite saying: “you misconstrued what I said”

At our last meeting, I asked “If our son completes this program successfully, (it was an out of district placement) will the school take him back?”

The response from the district superintendent “I can’t say that we would”.

How can I misconstrue that statement?  Now he qualifies it and says, “I can’t speak for the team…”

My son was in a residential placement until January 17 2012.  He was there for 7 months.  At no time during those seven months did the school district indicate that they didn’t want him in the district.  In fact, they asked us to delay his discharge from the residential facility until the semester break.  We did that.  Then at our IEP meeting prior to our son’s return to public school, they decided that they didn’t want him.

Today when our advocate called the school on those statements, the school said (I am paraphrasing) I wasn’t speaking as a representative of the school, since those discussions weren’t an IEP meeting, they don’t count.

So very frustrated.  So my son loses another year.  We are home schooling him, but he misses out on social skill building at the same time.

Plus the superintendent brought up my blog again.  “Well, you write on your blog…”

If you don’t like what I write, either change how you do your job, or don’t read my blog.

We asked for 1 hour per day.  They won’t even give us that much time for him to be in public school.

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One Response to Facilitated IEP

  1. I shouldn’t say that the school can lie. I should say that certain people associated with the school can lie, or stretch the truth. Mold the truth to fit their needs, that kind of thing.

    I should also say that: if the school does good, I will be happy to write about the good. I understand where me writing about events can bother people. Do your job, I might not like it, but I will write about it.