frustrations with the IEP process

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Well, a couple of weeks ago, we had our facilitated IEP.  We ended the meeting at an impasse.

The last thing that the facilitator told us was that she would file her report, and that DPI (Department of Public Instruction) would be in contact with us.

Our superintendent was after me to turn in the home school paperwork so that everything is legal where David is concerned.  Turns out that they are using that paperwork against us at this point.

The only reason we are home schooling David is because the school is refusing to accept him in our district.  They want to ship him 50 miles a day to another school.  We asked for assurances that they would accept David back after he completes another program successfully, and the school wouldn’t give us one.

My wife also asked the school why they were so against educating David.  We never did get an answer out of them.

It is frustrating when people bend the truth to suit their own agenda.  David is legally entitled to an education.  Is one hour a day too much to ask of his home district?  We asked if they would start with one hour a day and go up from there.  They said no.

They also told us that they didn’t think home schooling was the best choice for David.  Well, they work with us to get him back in school.\


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