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Mr David keeps trying to hack into facebook accounts.  He does it by attempting to reset the password.  Every facebook account in our house sends me an email any time someone attempts to reset the password.  I then ask the account holder if they forgot the password.  Most of the time, it is being requested at a time when David is the only one who could possible be attempting to get on the account.

So. Even those times when we watch everything he does on the machine, he can still find a way to hide his activity enough to attempt to hack into someone else’s account.  Very frustrating.  I can’t run my house like a prison and take away computer access for all of the kids in the house.  The alternative to this would be to block facebook access.  I use facebook for my business.  The kids use it to do their thing, and I have access to each account so that I can monitor what they are doing.  But Mr. David just couldn’t get it into his head to not go on facebook without permission, now he seems intent on doing it anyway.  Maybe he needs to spend more time in psych.  This can only get worse.

At least his other behaviours are under medicine control now.

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