Life, Liberty and the use of a computer

It’s in the past.

That is how David responds when we try to talk to him about the threats that he made toward that individual on facebook.

“I don’t want to talk about it, because it’s in the past.”

It was last Wednesday February 29.  Just because it is in the past doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about it.  He is not allowed to use computers.  So he argued with his mom about using the iPad.  So now he isn’t allowed to be in his room alone. Why? he steals and it is easier to keep an eye on him in the common areas rather than in his room.  Why?  He shares a room with his older brother and his older brother has a computer.

So very frustrated.  David managed to convince the hospital staff that he was an angel and didn’t get his medicine because mom and dad didn’t give it to him.

yeah, ok, obviously they don’t know my son.  I for one was not ready for him to come home. I don’t think that he was ready to come home.  The people in the psych ward never asked us our opinion.

So now what do we do?

Respite starts this weekend.  I am obligated to tell them what happened.  If he behaves like this, how long will they be his respite providers?  How long before he convinces them that we are the abusive parents that deprive him of life, liberty and the use of a computer…?



One Response to Life, Liberty and the use of a computer

  1. Wow, David seems to share a lot of traits with Gavin. Gavin is the same way. He believes that because he takes up space on this planet he is guaranteed certain things – Legos, television, food he likes (as much as he wants, when he wants). He’s never pulled the meds thing, yet. I’m waiting for the day though. He does tell the Tall Tales about the type of parents we are. He’s always quick to tell them, “I had a meltdown because they gave me ‘The Oatmeal Punishment’.” The way he tells makes it sound like we are staving him or depriving him of basic nutrients. And he’s quick to tell EVERY medical professional he sees – ER, Psych Ward, Gastro, Neuro…it doesn’t matter, if they are an M.D. he’s ‘ratting us out’. It’s SO exhausting! (Like we don’t have enough going on already?)