Monthly Archives: March 2012

Keys, Keys, where are the Keys?

David, demands attention.  If you don’t give it to him, he will do something negative. What is the definition of negative?  Theft.  Yelling. Lies. those kinds of things.  Yesterday a set of mom’s keys went missing.  David cried about how he didn’t take them, and how we should believe him just this one time.  I… Continue Reading

hoarding of electronic gadgets

David has compulsion with electronic items.  No small electronic gadgets are safe.  Remote controls, cell phones, DSi’s, if he can carry it, he will take it.  Very frustrating for the rest of the family. So now, when something goes missing, guess who is the first one blamed? How do you deal with hoarding?    … Continue Reading

Struggling today

I have really been struggling today.  Not with David, but with staying awake.  My body tells me when I need to sleep, and some days it needs more than others. The numbness that has affected the left side of my face is on with full force today.  Even felt dizzy for a while.  The doctor’s… Continue Reading

Yesterday’s victory 3-25-2012 I got caught smoking

“hello,” said a little voice plaintively. “Hi, David! How is your visit going at respite?” I asked him. “I have bad news,” he replied solemnly. “I got in trouble.” “respite mom told me I had to tell you what I did,” he continued quietly. “What is it buddy, do I have to come and get… Continue Reading

should I feel guilty?

David spent the night with his respite family.  It is so peaceful here right now.  No fights, no thefts, no arguments. Should I feel guilty that I am enjoying the quiet? Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading

key noises while typing

David has these old keyboards to play with. We lop the cord off, and he plays with them until the keys start to fall off, or we get tired of stepping on them.  We have gotten as much as a year out of a Compaq/HP keyboard.  It entertains him, and he knows that is the… Continue Reading

an incredible day ~ 3-22-2012

Today was a huge Victory! David went the whole day without major trouble. He was saddened by events in our community, but I am not ready to talk about that. Not much more can be said about the day.  He did what he was asked to do, and what he was meant to do, and… Continue Reading

Today’s Victory x 2 3-22-2012

Today’s victory is brought to you by Tobey. Tobey is our newest addition to the family. He is an all black pomeranian less than two years of age.  He has been in our family since last summer.  He is a rescue from an abusive owner. David was getting anxious about something.  Tobey, jumped up on… Continue Reading

Stuart Little teaching lessons.

Today’s Rocking! We have had an excellent morning, David still isn’t feeling the best, so he slept in a little bit. He is working on his favourite puzzles, word search, and we started reading Stuart Little by E.B. White today. He reads so fast that I don’t know if he is actually reading, so I… Continue Reading