Family Dynamics & Autism Benefit & Teleclass Series with Eustacia Cutler

Teleclass Series with Autism Advocate about Family Dynamics

To Benefit The Temple Grandin, Eustacia Cutler Autism Fund

Eustacia Cutler Teleclass Series

Wellness Talk Radio announced their Family Dynamics Teleclass Series begins April 12, and continues with classes on May 3, May 10, and May 17, with Eustacia Cutler and Wellness Talk Radio Host Kris Costello. Interested applicants need to register and pay $20 for each teleclass they want to attend, with the fees benefiting The Temple Grandin Eustacia Cutler Autism Fund.

Eustacia Cutler is a well-known Autism Advocate and also the mother of Autism Advocate Dr. Temple Grandin, and she will be speaking about Family Dynamics with Autism. The first class is on April 12 and will introduce the series, continuing with a May 3 teleclass about “Keeping and Strengthening Your Sense of Self.”

The Teleclass announcement calls Eustacia Cutler “a Visionary when it comes to looking at the Family as one of the most important component’s in the “Autism Equation.””

Autism and the Family Dynamic, about the Teleclass Series

Eustacia’s story was told in the Emmy Award-winning move Temple Grandin, and she will be exploring the importance of the family in that “Autism Equation.” She will also share her unique experiences of raising Temple during an era when Autism was not a household name.

The conversation will continue in discussing how the family identity is at risk after a diagnosis of Autism, and Cutler will talk about the steps you can take to “strengthen your own family.”

 The Teleclass Series Announcement says the Series will also Discuss:

  • How to keep focused on and nurture your own “sense of self “
  •  Supporting and nurturing siblings in the family with Autism
  •  Tips on how to get out and stay out of overwhelm
  •  How Eustacia recognized and supported Temple’s developing interests and encouraged her “gifts” and why this is so important
  •  And we will also take time during each seminar to address many of your questions and concerns

How YOU can Attend!

The first class is April 12 at 6 p.m. and will discuss Family Dynamics overall, and you can purchase a ticket for $20 (or purchase a ticket for all 4 teleclass sessions for $80) by visiting the Teleclass Series with Eustacia Cutler purchase page.

BUT, you can also take a chance and enter the FLASH Giveaway I will be hosting for 10 tickets for 10 lucky attendees to go to the class of their choice from the series! Wellness Talk Radio Host Kris Costello has generously offered up the tickets for giveaway and I sure hope you guys are as excited about attending as I am!

[Flash Giveaway to Start April 10 at 10 p.m. and run until April 11 at 10 p.m. – ONLY 24 hours to enter and win in time for the first class!]


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