Finally, some good news about autism

It seems that there’s a new horror story about autism coming out every day. Autistic kids are more likely to be bullied, 1 in about 88 kids are diagnosed with autism, and on and on.  So the results of a just-released study that appeared in the journal Pediatrics are likely to raise some hopes.

Although most who are diagnosed with autism as children remain autistic for life, researchers discovered that almost 10 percent of autistic children “bloom” from having severe symptoms to being “high functioning.”

In an interview with HealthDay, study author Christine Fountain, a postdoctoral researcher at Columbia University said, “We were really pleased that there is this group, which is relatively small but significant, who are able to improve so quickly…  It’s going to provide a hopeful message for parents [of autistic children]. We need more research to find exactly what’s going on to make these children bloom.”

You can read the whole study here.


Armin Brott


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