home schooling, IEPs and rights

We received a letter from our school district.

A bit of history.

Title page to Locke's Some Thoughts Concerning...We had a facilitated IEP meeting a few weeks ago.  We ended the meeting at an impasse.  The school wanted to send our child to a school 50 miles away.  We want him in his home district. We asked for an hour a day.  We said that if they couldn’t agree to that then we would home school him until we could come to an agreement.

We also asked them if they would give us written assurances that if he completed the program at the other school, that he would be allowed to return to his home school.  Something that they did not feel able to do.

So I completed the home school paperwork in order to ensure that we were not violating any laws in regards to David’s education.


The school in their infinite wisdom, think that this is the end of the matter.  According to them, because I submitted the paperwork to home school, there is no need for a Due Process hearing.

I wonder if they attend the same facilitated IEP that I and David’s advocates were at.  I sure remember them sitting on the other side of the table from us.  Oh yeah, they took objection to my blog.


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