Laughter and other things

Still hard to believe that Stan isn’t going to knock on the door,  or yell “Hey Big Guy” across the road.

I was driving into the city today for an appointment.  Coming south, I remembered a time when we ended up following Stan for about 15 miles.  My daughter and I were in our old 1964 Chevy pick-up.  Stan was in his Intrepid.  We were racing down the highway.  I had my hand out the window, making like I was spanking the truck to get it to go faster…   Stan was laughing so hard he had to pull over.  This was before we became close friends.

Whenever I get sad thinking about Stan, I remember the little things like that.

Stan coming into the yard just to greet our dogs.  He used to walk our Sheepie, Max.  Until one day, Max got a little excited and tripped Stan.  Stan said “I decided I didn’t need to be hurt by a big dog…  let me take one of the little ones out instead.”  Even so, he always stopped to talk to Max and rub his ears.

I keep checking my email looking for random song lyrics.  Whenever a song popped into Stan’s head, he always had to share them with me.


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