Locks, locks, who has the locks?

Well our new locks arrived today.  10 locks shiny in their packages.  all keyed alike.A high security padlock.

Now we have one less thing for worry.  What food will we find in his room today?

If you need to order padlocks, I strongly recommend that you order from http://www.padlocks4less.com Why?  Service.  I ordered the locks on Tuesday.  (After trying to order from another company and being told repeatedly that the locks were either out of stock or on back order.) and they were delivered this morning.

Why do we lock our cabinets?  Simple.  When you have an Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder in the house, you have to do something, or everything ends up hidden in their hiding spots.  This can bring an increase in vermin, bugs and unwanted aromatic displays.

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