ooooh shiny toy – mine

the dreaded call.  David

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was with his mentor today.  stole a toy.  lied about it.  neither of which is anything new.

He evidently doesn’t understand that we will check and confirm everything that he says.  And that if he comes home with a new toy, we will confirm that someone paid for it. No free rides.

Grrr.. I am just so frustrated with the situation.

If he has a mentor for social outings, and to give us a break, and consistently steals while with the mentor, how long before they stopped taking him?  On the other hand, they know that he takes things that aren’t his.  Why don’t they keep a better eye on what he is doing?  I even discussed them searching him if they were concerned about him taking something.

When we were at wal-mart last week, he said he had to go to the bathroom.  Said he knew where it was and would be right back… nope. not going to happen buddy.  I will escort you to the bathroom.

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