Yet another example of how divorce affects kids

This sounds like something out of a bad movie plot, but apparently it’s true.  A 12-year old boy in Brisbane, Australia was having such a hard time coping with his parents’ divorce that he tried to kill his new stepmother by lacing her toothpaste with peanuts in an attempt to trigger a deadly allergic reaction. Fortunately, the stepmum found the peanuts before they did any harm.

According to court documents,  there was “an element of “attention seeking” in his behavior.” Gee, ya think?

The full story is here.



The court was told the stepmother found the peanuts in the toothpaste before actually brushing her teeth.

Mr Finch said the was evidence the boy was struggling with the family breakdown at the time and that there was an element of “attention seeking” in his behaviour.

Barrister Rob East, for the boy, said his client had no history of bad behaviour and was a low risk of reoffending.

“He understands the upset it has caused,” he said.

“I has been a troubling time for the whole family … (and) he seems to be doing very well at school.”

Justice Mullins, in sentencing the boy, said: “Putting peanuts in her tube of toothpaste … can be explained by attention seeking on your part.”

“(However) I’m confident … that you’re likely to be able to stay out of trouble (in the future).”


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