A week of illness and other stuff.

It has been a rough week since graduation for our oldest.

David has been in full form, so nothing new there.  On the other hand, I have decided to try to decrease the tension between the school and our family so that we can ease David back into public school.  Constant tension on both sides isn’t good for either side.

I met with the neurologist on Thursday and was diagnosed with something called Serotonin Syndrome, which is a result of the interaction of two of my meds that are used to treat the Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and Hypothyroidism.  It is frustrating that the meds that are meant to help me have negative interactions and actually have made me sicker.

On Saturday, a good friend of mine died.  D.M. I will write more about him later.  We were former business consultants and colleagues at a couple of colleges in the city.  He was an insightful man who was a good friend and mentor.

When I am sick, I tend to turn in on myself.  A part of this is because of the issues that my health has with light.  Since the kids are home from school, we need to have lights on in our house more often.  And this is contributing to my not feeling good.  It is a frustrating cycle.

I look forward to a better summer.





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