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I am not a hero. seriously. I can you tell who is though.

I had someone tell me it takes a special person to parent a child like David.  It takes a special person to be a parent.  Period. Any man can be a father, donate DNA, that kind of thing.  But to be a parent, a “dad” takes something more. To be the dad of a special… Continue Reading

Pulbic to news media or not?

I have been advised to take our story regarding David public. To CNN and FoxNews.  In regards to how No Child Left Behind and the Garrison School District have conspired against educating our son in the home district under the guise of “we are unable to provide the services that his needs require…”  How is… Continue Reading

a mild tremor in my hands

So I have developed a mild tremor in my hands.  I am back to using both canes and occasionally my walker.  I have to use the shower chair again because I don’t trust myself to stay standing. Initial testing for glucose shows blood sugars are normal.  testing again tomorrow after an 8 hour fast.  if… Continue Reading

Mediation request rebuttal

This post is kind of long… my apologies We go back to Davidh 30, 2011. and here. April 2011 – IEP Meeting to review “placement options” for student. April 2011 –starting here and here. April 2011 – Prior Written Notice – Parent places student in CAPH day treatment program Meeting with child psychologist after David… Continue Reading

Mediation Request – the schools perspective

You may remember about two months ago the school requested a facilitated IEP. I am not going to include the whole document, just parts that I need to rebut.  This will allow me to develop a response when I file our request for Mediation.  I will also file a request for Due Process hearing at… Continue Reading

Lupus Awareness Month – Your friend – Malar Rash

Greetings from the desk of me. As part of Lupus Awareness month, I thought I would talk about my good friend Malar Rash.  You may know her.  Now some might say that guys don’t have to live with Malar Rash.  I am here to tell you differently. What exactly is the Malar Rash?  She is… Continue Reading