update – staffing and PTSD

I feel like I am worn out…

I talked to one of David’s caseworkers today.  Explained about the forced vomiting that he is doing.  She thinks that it is attention seeking.  I explained why I didn’t think so.  She agreed that the problem appears to be deeper.  So we are working on getting in touch with the psch team regarding his behavior.  No real answers yet, but it was nice to talk to someone about it to get another perspective.

We also discussed the rewards that David gets for positive behavior.  I explained about allowing him computer or Wii access after 24 hours of not stealing.  He gets right to the end of the period and then steals something.  Not sure what this is about.  She thought that we ought to try decreasing the period.  Go from 24 hours to 12.  I explained that I am all the way down to 6 hours and he is still getting right to the end of the period and stealing things.  So we are trying to come up with something else, because obviously withholding computer time isn’t a threat to him.

signs and symptoms ptsd

I mentioned that a friend told me that I might have PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or whatever… She agreed that it was very possible, as I am on the front line of dealing with David everyday.

Alas, tomorrow is another day. On a side note, I managed to get some cleaning done… 🙂  That is always a good thing.

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