Mediation Request redux submitted

Well, I broke down and submitted the mediation request.  The school as you may remember requested mediation in our quest for an IEP for David that would allow him to return to public school in his home district.  I had written a rebuttal to their request.

Today I listed the 20 or so people on David’s team who need to be present at the meeting.  With the change in key personnel at our Support Services group that the school utilizes, things should be interesting.  Don’t know if they will continue to allow the elementary school principal to run rough shod over parents or not, but we will see.  At any rate, we submitted the request.

If for some reason Mediation goes the way the Facilitated meeting did, we will be in Due Process by Christmas.  I don’t see the benefit in Mediation, but am willing to try. We want them to start David with one hour a day, and see how he does. Once he proves himself, we will gradually increase the length of his day.

I am not blind enough to think that everything is going to be rosy, but wouldn’t put it past the school to somehow sabotage him on his return to school.  What will we do if we suspect that is happening?

I don’t honestly know.  But he deserves the chance to succeed or fail on his own.

At the facilitated IEP if they had given us written word that he could return to his home district if he successfully completed the program at the Ranch, we would have let him go there.  However our superintendent and the principal weren’t ready to commit to that.  I have to have it in writing, as I can’t trust them to keep their word.

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