Section 1 – About a father

Thinking of my family at this late hour.  It is 1am here.  2am back home. I am on vacation and can’t sleep.  All but one family member is at home in Casa de Familia.

I was working a night job delivering newspapers.  One night I happened to deliver to a business that had an old friend working.  I had worked with this person in a previous job when I was still in high school.  I wanted to date her more than I wanted anything in this life. I wanted to show her that men are not all assholes like her ex-husband and the other riffraff that she went out with.  One night, she invited me to a Christmas party at a hotel with some friends.

It so happens that I had my daughter that weekend.  What better way to woo a woman than to introduce a small child.  So I showed up at the pool party with my daughter.  Spent some time frolicking in the pool, sat in the hot tub.  The woman I had designs on asked me for a favor.  Actually, her girlfriends asked me for a favor.  Seems like one of them had an employee Christmas party to attend that evening.  Would I be willing to take her to the party?

The offer included free babysitting services.

Being the gentleman that I considered myself to be, I agreed.  Of course, I was thinking that this would show my intended that I was a good guy that she could trust.  I went home to change.

Later at the party, I discovered many people that I knew.  Mostly family.  But I discovered one very important thing.

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