Section 4 – About a Father

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It is now 2007, I am a consultant.  I help non-profits merge technology and best business practices.  Life is good.  I can support my family, I work from home and I am not an ogre.  I change doctors.  Big mistake.

My health starts to deteriorate.  in 2010, I had my first heart event.  I become a stay at home dad.  In 2011, I had my first strokes. and heart event 2 and 3.  I have new diagnoses.  In 2012, I am still a stay at home dad, very active in advocating for our special needs children.  My health is reasonably stable, and for the most part, I am happy.  Stressed sometimes yes, frustrated sometimes, yes.  But happy.

So what is the purpose of these posts?  Simple.  Don’t wait until a health crisis or two, to realize how important your family is to you.

Children learn from the example presented by their parents.  I only have to look as far as my eldest daughter to realize that.  Children learn compassion from compassionate people.  Children learn affection and proper ways to display affection from affectionate people.  Show your children what they mean to you.  Be the example they need you to be.

Good or bad, they will follow your lead.

And for those who think my place is in the workforce and not at home… I disagree. I love it at home.  If my health was better I would still do this if I had the chance.  I am proud to be a stay at home dad.

Thank you for reading.

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