Lies and other fun stuff – life with a klepto part 2

We were up late due to the excitement of fireworks, a fire pit and s’mores.

To bed at 3am and up at 6am.  what a joy.

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David had my cell phone this morning, so friends, if you received either a text message or an email from my phone this morning, it wasn’t me.

So I am looking for someone to put an electrical outlet into a cabinet so I can plug my phone in at night and lock it up at the same time.  Any takers?

I took the phone back. Battery is dead.

A short while later, the door to upstairs magically opened.  (It is locked to keep David out of his siblings things.)

So the search began for my keys.  I found them.  A quick check shows that the key to the door is missing, as well as the keys to the locks. “I don’t know how the key fell off your ring…” David says.

Oh and my cell phone with the dead battery and its charger are missing.  Of course, he doesn’t know where they are either.  So he gets to be in seclusion until he gives them back.

This is post 3 for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. 🙂  Have a great day!

Oh, and school… 🙂 this is a disability and one of the reasons that he needs a paraprofessional/aide.

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