under observation 24/7

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David is under constant supervision now.  He can’t do anything.  No less than 4 times today he has stolen someone’s cell phone.  We feel like we are going crazy because we don’t let him out of our sight, yet he is still getting the phones.

He is constantly back talking and sassing mom and I.  If we tell him not to do something he does it anyway.  If we tell him to stand up, he sists down.  The last means of discipline that we used was to have him under a blanket for a period of not more than 15 minutes.  He won’t do that any more.  For those of you who would have me spank him… why?  It won’t make any difference.  He just looks at the person giving it to him and asks for more.

We have threatened to take him back to the hospital, but they will just send him home when he doesn’t exhibit behaviors anymore.

So now, he can’t do anything.. He can’t get himself a drink of water without supervision. He has been making him self throw up his meds.  He denies it of course, but the proof is there in his fingers, his breath and his teeth.   Not to mention that the med cocktail he takes should have him sleep for a couple of hours in the morning, an hour or two in the afternoon and all night.  None of which is happening.

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