vacation and missing my kids

So here I am.  500 miles from home. Have a hotel room all to myself.  and I can’t sleep.

I miss David.  I am usually awake until around 4am because of him.  According to my body it is only 2:30 am.  Another hour a half to go before my body gives in and shuts down for the night.

It may seem odd, but I miss his constant banter.  The repeating of the same question over and over again until either I get tired of it and give him what he wants, or he gets tired of asking.  The latter doesn’t happen very often.  I usually have to get him to go to seclusion after the first 15 minutes of the same question.

I feel for my wife and her sister.  They are at home, and not used to having to keep an ear out for David at all hours of the night.  So I wonder.  What is he getting into?  Is he stealing Aunt’s keys? or Mom’s cell phone?  Is he tormenting the cat?

I miss Cole, Tanner and Kelsey too.  Kelsey for her humor.  🙂  Cole for his humor, and love of life.  Tanner for his sense of honor, love of history and profound wisdom.

Ah well.  Good night David.  What ever you are doing, please stop.

Remember, you shouldn’t be on facebook without permission.

Love Dad.



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