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My Dad Says

My Dad Says

I picked David up from school today.  Was told that the “My Dad Says” comments need to end.  The school has rules that he has to follow regardless of what Dad says.

Wait a minute… What?

My Dad Says

Evidently when David doesn’t want to do something or is trying to get his way, he starts with “My Dad Says…

Yeah, like I have control over what David says.

Also, he is supposed to stop bringing people’s phone numbers and names into school.  Something about confidentiality.

I understand confidentiality, but I also understand that David has a memory for names and phone numbers that rivals a phone book.

I have no control over his memory.

Yeah.  and David likes to write all over his daily report card.

David spends an hour twice a day in a van being transported.  One of the ways he deals with that is to write.  If you don’t want him to write on his daily report card, maybe you could take my suggestion and put anything you don’t want him to write on in a sealed envelope. He has a notebook that he can write in, give him extra paper or something.

This isn’t rocket science people.  You work with kids that have emotional and mental issues/blessings/disabilities.  David has a host of blessings that are documented, that you are aware of.  Let’s work together to deal with them.  I offered you suggestions.  I can’t force you to use them, I can say that I wish that you would.

No names have been used, except David’s.   Confidentiality is still upheld.  Please people.  Think.

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