another night done. starting anew with old behaviors

Well, David came home from the hospital. Promptly stole my Kindle Fire, my camera, and my cell phone.  I imagine that he stole some other things, we just haven’t figured out what yet.

I am frustrated.  Frustrated that he can behave and not steal anything or misbehave while he is in psych, and then he comes home and the behaviors start up right where he left off.

I wasn’t out of the room for two minutes.  I told him that I would know if he moved or not.  He was in the same position as when I left, but my cell phone was missing.  So I confronted him.

He said “I saw it on the counter.”

and tried to get around me.  I stopped him, and reached into his pocket.  sure enough, there was my phone…

“I don’t know how it got there…” he cries.

He has only been home 12 hours at this point.  So he was angry and refused to eat supper.

I explained that we would be taking him back to the hospital then.  Upon which he decided he was hungry.  He is sleeping now.  If only I trusted him enough to let myself sleep.

David’s sister came home from her mission trip today.  Our sheep dog greeted her as soon as he saw her.  He didn’t do that with David.  I wonder why.




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