Cat and Mouse battles August 2012

It has been a while since we posted one of these…

The great cat and mouse fight of August 2012 is on….
{in the style of Howard Cossel}
In the east corner we have Miss Cinnamon.  Miss Cin is a 2 year old farm cat, feared far and wide.  Weighing in at 6 pounds, Miss Cin is ready to do battle.  Just look at the concentration on her face!

In the west corner we have Grey Mouse.  No idea what his/her name is.  Grey has no idea what is in store for her.  Whiskers shaking, sensing movement…

a dash left, a dash right, Grey is trying her best to disappear… Miss Cin, pounces like Mohammed Ali.

A quick side step, left, swinging tail right, as Miss Cin lands her full weight on Grey; surely that has to hurt.  A stunned Grey weaves away, shaking her head, she must be fighting to stay on her feet after that blow.

It is almost like Miss Cin is playing with her opponent.

Grey races to the other side of the ring, only to be stopped short by a paw on her tail.  Cin, works her magic and lifts Grey up into the air… You can hear Grey shrieking in terror.  A quick flip of the paw and a swipe across the midriff send Grey flying into the wall.  Is it over?

No, Grey quickly rises, shakes her head, and heads back into the battle.  She must be crazy to charge Miss Cin like that.

Miss Cin, grows tired of the battle.  She swipes a paw across the path in front of Grey, and sends her careening under the vacuum cleaner.

That ladies and gentlemen signals the end of this round…



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