good conversations about Autism and Mental Health

Institute of Mental Health 9, Nov 06

I posted a write up recently about autism and sociopath.  There followed an excellent conversation on twitter about my post and the topic in general.  This is exactly the kind of thing that needs to happen in our communities.  Doesn’t matter what the special need is, be it a mental health issue, a physical issue, or a developmental issue, without conversation, no changes will occur.

I feel it necessary to qualify these posts.  Unless specifically stated otherwise, these posts apply to my unique situation.  Our situation is similar yet different to what the Gorski’s over at Lost and Tired are going through.  Does it make their experience any less potent or valuable?  No.  It just makes things unique.  Same might be said for the Moody’s over at Kat’s Cafe. What they are going through with their school district is similar to what the Gorski’s and I are going through.  Is it no less valid?


Every situation is unique.  In order to make changes to the way people think, conversations about these challenges that families are facing needs to occur.

thank you to the people who participated in that conversation on twitter this morning.  I learned a valuable lesson from your conversation.



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2 Responses to good conversations about Autism and Mental Health

  1. Great shout out Carl, and an excellent reminder to everyone (I hope) that the conversation doesn’t stop on the website, and as long as the conversation is ongoing, there can be more understanding! {hugs}