mediation results

We had mediation today.  Wasn’t too thrilled with the mediator, but not any choice in the matter.

In the end, we let them know that we are pursuing a residential placement for our son. Until that happens, we are going to pursue a day treatment program, which is what the school has wanted since last January.

Until either of those two things happen, the school is going to provide the curriculum, and my wife will be teaching him.

We could not get the principal to admit her lies, but we didn’t really expect to get that kind of admission either.  At least we came to a consensus regarding our son’s education.  Above all else, he is what is most important.

Oh, one other thing, as a plan C, they want us to consider residential placement in either Duluth, MN; Billings, MT; or Denver, CO.  Not sure that anything like that is going to happen.  One day at a time.

Oh and we still have to submit a Service Plan.  What goes in it?  No idea. Also, and this surprised me, the district didn’t ask me to take down the blog again.

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