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David’s first day of school

David started school today.  Yep. you read it right, and it wasn’t home school. He was accepted yesterday into a day program in the city near where our home is.  actually, it is about 50 miles from here. So far so good, had a solid first day. How long will the honeymoon last?  Don’t know,… Continue Reading

ReBlog: School Shouldn’t Be a Backbreaking Experience

Dear Mr. Dad: School just started this week and already, our 10-year old son’s backpack is so heavy he can hardly lift it.  I see a lot of other kids with wheely packs—should we get one for him? A: Overloaded backpacks are responsible for an increasing amount of pain, injuries, and emergency room visits. National… Continue Reading

Reblog: What the Hell? Witholding a High-School Diploma for “Cursing”?

Maybe my stint in the Marine Corps has warped my perspective on what constitutes bad language. But I found the story of an Oklahoma high-school valedictorian whose diploma was withheld by the school principal because the girl “cursed” absolutely outrageous. Kaitlin Nootbaar, 18, was giving a speech to the Prague, OK, high school class of… Continue Reading

a new school year – for David too

well, after being largely awake the last two and a half days, the kids start school today.  Even David.  Yesterday we got a call from the Superintendent indicating that if we got all of the paperwork in, David could start the day school program at the residential facility that we applied to for long term… Continue Reading

Teaching Values + Adventures in Homeschooling

“Positive Parenting” radio show for military families Guest 1: Mary O’Donohue, author of Topic: 12 lessons for instilling lifelong values in your children. Issues: A 12-month program (that’s easy to implement and actually works) for teaching values: gratitude, self-respect, respect for others, integrity, compassion, forgiveness, a sense of joy, commitment, lifelong learning, inner strength, spirituality,… Continue Reading

Please Don’t Try to "Cure" My Child with #Autism

No More Nice Mom – No More Autism Cures Please The other day I received a message on Facebook from a friend about someone’s newest way to “recover their child” from Autism. I’d say I receive a Facebook message or email, even sometimes find these sentiments in face to face conversation, at least once per… Continue Reading

Danger, Danger

I am utterly exhausted. I am tired of being hyper-vigilant. I am tired of the constant lies about keeping meds in the body and not on the floor, or in the garbage. I am scared. Someone threatened to stab his sister yesterday with a pair of scissors.  Our experience has been that we can put… Continue Reading

still awake after all

So, it is 5 am here in land.  I was ready to go to bed myself.  Suddenly started getting email notifications of items being installed on my kindle fire. Guess who is awake? Guess who admitted that he spit out his meds?  Even after I ran my finger around his gums and under his… Continue Reading

sneaky little bugger

Just caught David trying to sneak out of his bed.  he turns over on his belly, wiggles his body over the end of the bed, and then slides on his belly across the floor one painstaking inch at a time.  I have a feeling that it is going to be a long night. About an… Continue Reading