tantrum at 11

Nothing like a tantrum about medicine to end a perfectly good day.

David takes his meds with Apple Juice.  Two of the meds are liquid and taste pretty nasty.

Apple juice

Today I had everything ready for him to take his meds and he broke out into a tantrum because he didn’t have his apple juice.  Even after I told him that his apple juice is on the counter, and showed it to him, he had a tantrum about taking his meds.

David had very positive comments from his day at school.  Positive behaviors.  then he gets home and has to let all of the negative behaviors loose.  He didn’t do it right after school, it actually started while I was trying to watch a movie with his older sister.  See, David wasn’t the center of attention at that point.  and in his world, that his just plain wrong.

He also started digging in the cupboards looking for a snack, which is against the rules for him, something he knows.  His excuse was that mom wanted him to find her a snack.  So I went and asked mom.  “Are you seriously asking David to find you a snack?”

“Nope!” was the response.

So he got snack, but not what he wanted.  And not until after he took his meds.

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