what are you here for then?

a conversation with David…

“You can’t access the Internet using the Wii David, you know that.” – Dad

“I am not accessing the Internet, I am looking at games and reading wimpy kids books online.” – David

“Unless it’s educational, it’s not allowed David.” – Dad

He turns off the Wii, and goes stomping off.  Mom is working on lesson plans at the kitchen table.

I tell him he needs to be in the living room with me.

“there is nothing for me to do here…” – David

“We aren’t here to entertain you David.”  – Dad

“Well then what are you here for?” – David

He then proceeded to tell me that he can’t wait to move into the residential facility and that he isn’t coming home from his school anymore. (the school is a day program at the residential facility)

He also told me that since I beat on him constantly, he isn’t safe here.  We don’t beat on him.  then he starts talking about how he took something and how I don’t have the right to check his pockets.

In three weeks, more or less, he will be a resident there.  It will be safer for all of us, including him.

David isn’t allowed access to the Internet because he likes to hack into peoples facebook accounts, and threaten to harm others.  He has also been known to order stuff off of Amazon and via cell phones when he steals technology from others.   David knows he isn’t allowed access.  Except at school, but they have the staff to monitor everything he does there.  Not so much here at home.

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