Basic Service Levels – Universal Application

Our state has something called a “Universal Application.”  This is the application that anyone who requires care in the state system would use to access that care.  We filled one out last year for residential care for David, and another one again this year for his upcoming placement.

Now.  That application collects a lot of information.

How difficult would it be to include basic information like hospital admission dates in the data that is collected?

For that matter, how difficult would it be to make it an electronic form that I could fill out and save on my computer?

The reason that I am, for lack of a better word, grumpy about service levels is that the care facility David is going into could have asked me for all of the extra information that they needed a week ago when they called to let me know that he had a bed starting tomorrow.

Now, because they waited until the last minute to collect what should be basic information that they already had access to, the process is delayed.

Plus, the teachers there.  Not sure where they think that they are working.  One of David’s key diagnoses is kleptomania.  One of his triggers is any electronic device.  They know that.  It is in the file along with the Universal Application that was filled out for him to be considered for a bed there. So to call me in the afternoon and tell me that it is unacceptable for David to be stealing from the school goes beyond logic.  Maybe they would be better served finding ways to secure the electronic devices that they have available to staff and students.  As his family, we already know that it is unacceptable for him to be stealing from people.  They aren’t telling us anything new.

Plus, as long as I am on the topic of basic service levels… Just because this place is one of the few places in our state that will accept a child like David, doesn’t mean that they don’t have to return phone calls.  I mean seriously?  How many people just give up hope of getting assistance simply because they can’t get anyone to either answer the phone, or return a phone call?

I should state.  This rant doesn’t apply to our care coordinator.  That individual has bent over backwards to help our family.  If I call, I am greeted by name, and more often than not a pleasant greeting.  I can commiserate with this person when they are having a rough day, because they will listen when I call and talk about mine.

When David messages people on facebook at the wee hours of the day, one of the people he messages is the care coordinator.  They have no issues with letting me know what is going on, and why things are delayed.

My family owes them a debt of gratitude for their work with our family.

After placement happens, we will continue to have them involved in David’s care, but will also see a recommendation for family therapy for the rest of us to try to heal.   Thank you T.  You are a blessing to my family.

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