disappointed in service levels

I sleep during the day, because I stay up all night long with my son.

This morning, just as I was getting into a good sleep, I received a call from the facility where David will eventually be a resident.  They need a list of hospital stays for him going back two years.

Evidently it is too much work for them to go through his medical records and dig up the information for themselves.  So I told them…

“David doesn’t sleep at night.”

“As a result, I stay up all night with him.”

“You are cutting into my night time right now.”

“If you had told me yesterday or even last week that you needed this information, I wouldn’t be upset.”

So I sent them an email with the information that they need.  Later in the afternoon I called and asked if the bed was indeed going to be available.  Since he didn’t answer the phone, I left a message.

This coupled with the phone call from his teacher telling me that they have issues with David stealing things, just kind of blew my whole day.



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