is it relief or something else

David is in a “safe bed” for the next four days.  No t.v. no computer, no interaction with peers.  Just him, four walls, a bed, a desk and a chair.  He will have daily homework, written assignments, that he must complete.


David has been having many hour long tantrums and outbursts the last couple of days.  Well, since Friday.  They are worse when he steals things and gets caught.  He has been getting caught a lot lately.

We discussed putting him into the hospital, and he was looking forward to that.  So this is something new that we are going to try.

I went into this feeling relief for having a plan.  Now, I feel sad.  Sad that it has come to this.  But!  I have to protect the rest of the family.  No one deserves to bear the brunt of another person’s never ending anger.

Still, if I could trade places with him mentally for even one day so that he could see himself, I would do so.

What happens next?  I honestly don’t know.  We are taking things pretty much one day at a time.

Leaving them in places where others can care for him doesn’t leave me feeling very good about myself.  But this isn’t about me.  These placements are about him.  I need to focus on that.



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  1.  Jennifer Deutscher I received this message via email, and thought I would share it with you all. =====================================you and your wife must be the most amazing people on this earth that i have the privilege of sort of knowing thru others………i am always amazed at your stories of what marc is or has done and i know from having seen other friends go thru things like this with their children it can be tough and exhausting and hard on their relationships. When you say that leaving them in places where others can care for him doesn’t leave you feeling very good about yourself. Well you know what Carl… should feel very very good about yourself – you know why – u even said it – that it is about marc and not you. You have got to be a very strong person/parent to realize when this is what is best for marc and for your family and when to realize it isn’t about you. Sooo many children get thrown to the way side but not you guys……you love and care for all of them the best you can with the means that you have……at the end of the day that is all that matters……

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