it’s 4pm, have you had your tantrum yet today?

David will be home from school in 15 minutes.

Last night we discovered him upstairs.  In that section of the house that he is not allowed to be in.  Today, we discovered that big sister’s iPod is missing again.

David will need to take off his clothes and put on pajamas right away when he comes in the door.  Pajamas don’t have pockets.  After that, his clothes will be searched.

After that, the tantrum will begin because he will be accused of taking the iPod, and everyone in the house knows that if he gets caught stealing, there will be a 4 and 5 hour tantrum.

Hopefully the bed will open up on Thursday at the residential facility that he is supposed to go to.  They have to file a certificate of need in order to get authorization for him to be there.

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