Left hand – Right hand

Left hand – Right hand

I find it amazing that in the age of technology, the left hand still doesn’t know what the right had is doing.


An agency with locations in two cities 100 miles apart.

Medical Records are faxed to location A.  Admissions rep is located in location B.

Left hand – Right hand

Admissions rep complains that no records have been received yet.

Location A contains the primary headquarters of the agency.  Location A doesn’t let anyone in location B know that they received those records.  Location B can’t be bothered to check location A to see the records were sent there.

In our defense, we were told to request the records, not that they were supposed to go to location B because the two locations don’t communicate with each other.

Left hand – Right hand

I repeat the left hand – right hand words because to me the two should know what each other are doing.



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