Sherlock Father and the Case of the Missing Gadget

Well, he came home.

Had him take off his pants, in the process he had to kneel down and untie his shoes.  David thought that he would be clever with a little slight of hand.  I saw him move something on the floor.

After he stood up, I patted down his socks, and the back of his underwear.  He had to pull the front away and let it snap back so I could know that there was nothing in there that shouldn’t be.

Then I had him change his shirt.

After that, he was directed to sit on the couch.  So I went through the pile of stuff on the floor.  Low and behold, like magic the iPod was there.

Now, it could be argued that we had placed the iPod there with the thought that we could accuse him of taking something.  David has made that argument before.  However in this case, he was caught cold, and knows it.

Big sister had her iPod stolen three or four times in the last week.  And it isn’t a matter of security, we have everything behind a keyed entry lock doors for each of the older kids.  The only section of the house that David is allowed into is the main floor, an area that encompasses two bedrooms, the kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom.  Yet, he always manages to get into those areas that are off limits.  He has consistently stolen keys from dad, evidently tried them all in the hopes of getting into those bedrooms.  We have found four keys from different lock vendors that work in these doors, thanks to David.  Persistent little guy isn’t he.

I can’t blame the stealing on the autism.  He knows what he is doing is wrong.



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