stay tuned for your daily tantrum

David was in full form this morning with a tantrum. Grumpiness in the morning.

He got gigged yesterday for have three small holes in his shirt.  Very small holes.  couldn’t fit the tip of a pencil through them.

So I wrote a note to the school this morning that we are not able to purchase all new shirts for him just because of a few small holes.

David decided to add the letter Y to the end of shortened proper nouns.  For example.  Calculator.  becomes Calcy.  So now we have an 11 year old running around the house talking like  a three year old saying “this is my calcy”.

I cut the hood off of a perfectly good sweatshirt for David today.  Not allowed hoods at his school.

David was on facebook this morning using my kindle.  I am sick so i couldn’t stay awake all night.  I just couldn’t do it.  I hope he didn’t threaten anyone. I haven’t had a chance to look.  I see he did order a bunch of free games.  So I implemented parental controls.  Now I have to type a password when I want to do anything that involves wifi on the device. I don’t expect it to stop him, but maybe it will slow him down.

He also fed the cat two cans of cat food this morning before he got caught.  she shouldn’t have to eat until Sunday or Monday morning at that rate.



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