stealing from school

Just got a phone call from the school that David goes to.  Evidently he got caught stealing an electronic dictionary from the school.  They are going to give him consequences.

Um yeah.  Consequences.  These are the ones that don’t work…

  1. apologize.
  2. time out.
  3. write down what you did and why.
  4. no more access to the device.
  5. loss of privileges.
  6. loss of recess activities.
  7. restriction.
  8. pat down searches.

Very few discipline methods that they could give would be effective.

In other news, the teacher informed me that David had been “glorifying” the concept that he could steal anything from anybody and get away with it. So they are giving him a time out and just wanted me to be aware of the situation.

“Oh and by the way, did you know that David was evidently taking an mp3 player to school?” they asked.

“yeah we know about that.  no, he didn’t have permission.” I replied.

Do they not read the documentation that was provided regarding David being a kleptomaniac?  I mean seriously… one of the things that triggers his stealing is electronic devices.

In other news, David’s admission to placement is in limbo because they didn’t finish all of the paperwork.

They called me this morning and asked me about dates of hospitalization.  Evidently they didn’t want to read through his medical records to get that information.

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