The truth is

It has been 24 hours since I left David in the safe bed.

I am trying to adjust to sleeping, but don’t want to make too much change, as he will be back home on Saturday.

The truth is, I miss him.  I don’t miss the tantrums.  I miss the good David that comes home from school and talks for 45 minutes about his school day, seeming to take only three or four breaths during the whole conversation.  I miss stepping on his cars, and telling him that he needs to stay out of the path of travel in the living room with his toys.

A  part of me is sad that he wasn’t upset when I left him there yesterday.  To him, it was just another day.

I don’t miss the constant abuse and verbal sparring.

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2 Responses to The truth is

  1. On one hand – it is good those behaviors are showing. It’s not another case of “well we aren’t seeing these behaviors”. And your a good dad….missing your son it’s normal! 😉

    •  @nicole_leebeck thank you.  I think that parents of kids with reactive attachment disorder convince themselves that it is somehow their fault that their child doesn’t develop the attachments of other kids with the families. Human nature and all of that.