Vocabulary Word of the Day – Dunderhead


David was in trouble tonight for going into a section of the house that is off limits to him. (it is the upstairs area)

There followed a good hour long diatribe of colossal proportions that involved words that even I had to consult a dictionary to determine the meaning of.  Now, it would seem that when I ignored him, he would run out of gas.

Peterbilt truck
Peterbilt truck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No such case.  As a result, he became even more angry.

Did you know that “Dunderhead” is an actual word?  Truly.  You can look it up.

It means: “stupid person”.

I thought that he was making up words as he went along.

He did use quite a few words that I can’t repeat outside of the cab of a Peterbilt or a Kenworth.

Well, I guess I could use them if I was a drunken sailor, but I digress.


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3 Responses to Vocabulary Word of the Day – Dunderhead

  1. LOL….
    I have the same problem with my 3-year-old at times. He discovers a new word and will continue to use it over and over….I just wish the words he choose weren’t always 4 letter in nature. I am not sure who he learns those words from most of the time but I know I have to watch what I say if I don’t want it repeated over and over…..yikes!!!