What do you mean?

This has become David’s favorite saying when confronted with a behavior.  Confronted isn’t the best way to describe how we deal with his behaviors, but it works for the purposes of this post.

“David, what are you doing upstairs?”  I ask.

“What do you mean?” he responds.

“David, why did you steal my keys?”  I ask.

“What do you mean?” he says.

For everything that he is confronted on, his response is nearly automatic.  “What do you mean?”

Most of the time, just in case he isn’t understanding what we say, we explain it to him.


Another odd thing happened tonight.  He took his meds with water, just like always.  They immediately came right back out. Immediately.  Thankfully we were in the kitchen when it happened.  See, he thinks that if he is throwing up, he won’t have to go to safe bed tomorrow.  Little does he know that the only thing he ever throws up is his meds.

Kind of hard to be sick if that is the thing that you throw up.  Kind of hard to have an allergy to those meds if it doesn’t happen every time he takes them.

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