you know you need a break when

You sleep for 16 hours after placing your child in the psychiatric unit at the hospital.

Seriously, I fell asleep shortly after I got home last night, and other than a few phone calls, slept until shortly after noon today.

Now, the argument could be made that I have a wife who could help out.

My response to that is:  she works full time.  She does everything that she can in the evening hours to give me time to unwind.  On the weekends, she forgoes sleeping in so that I can go to bed after I finish as David’s “night staff”.

Ours is truly a collaboration in raising a special needs child. Plus.  Communication.

Without communication between parents, the child is free to run the parents ragged.  My wife and I talk about everything.  We have basic guidelines or unwritten rules that we follow regarding major decisions.  Our goal in communicating is to ensure that David doesn’t try to use us against each other.

Without my wife, I would have lost my mind long ago.  She is the glue that holds our family together.

For those people who called today to ask about why I put David in the hospital, it is never an easy decision to hospitalize your child in a psychiatric unit.  Since you work in that unit, maybe you could read the chart before you call me.  Do you think that we just arbitrarily make the decision to hospitalize our child?  Give me a break!  We have done everything humanly possible to keep David safely in our home.  What else would you have us do?  Seriously, if it isn’t something that we have already tried… let me know.  Chances are though that we have been there and done that.  I am willing to listen to your ideas though.

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