a brand new IEP for the year

We are blessed.

We are blessed to have an incredible team of caring people working for David’s behalf.

Today we had an IEP team meeting and talked about strengths and weaknesses.  David has many of each.  In future posts I will talk about many of them.  Today though, let us talk about the team.

Caring professionals all, teachers, administrators, counselors, social workers, it was a full house.  Between 10 and 15 people.  Not our smallest meeting, but surely one of the best we have ever had.

Each teacher started by discussing strengths, then clarifying weaknesses, followed again by a strength.  The key here was that while discussing the weaknesses, the strengths were stressed more.

We applied a number of goals for David this year, we will discuss those at length in other posts, there is too much for one post, but each one is unique to David’s situation.  They even completed a Function Behavior Assessment.  Something that said more than “he does stuff to get attention.”

I am pumped about this next phase in the book of David’s life.





2 Responses to a brand new IEP for the year

  1. That’s Great.  Sounds like Serenity’s IEP and PCP meeting last week.  They were amazed at the scattered skills she had, but then when they saw her iPad, they understood she had learned a lot from playing games on it.