According to David…

We had the monthly staffing for David today at the residential facility.

Evidently there are some things about our family that I didn’t know.

  1. We have three or four horses.
  2. We have a maid/servant that sees to our needs. Does laundry, cooks and cleans the house.
  3. I sleep in David’s bedroom not to keep track of him, but to protect him from ghosts.

Um, yeah.  About that.  We live in the city limits.  We don’t have a maid or anyone else that comes into our home to help out.  If I thought the ghosts would keep David out of trouble, I would invite them to stay in his room.

There were some other things.

David once went 3 whole days without stealing.  David hoards personal hygiene items like deodorant and shampoo.

The therapists wanted to know how we did things as long as we did without help.

David likes to push buttons on his peers.

He goes to equine therapy once a week.  His horse’s name is Johnny.  They are hoping that Johnny can help David understand empathy.

It was a good meeting.  I don’t think that they will be so quick to believe everything he says.

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2 Responses to According to David…

  1. Interesting, I can understand why he said you sleep in his room to protect him from ghost (to shift attention away from the real reason you sleep in his room), but the other two are just bizarre or possibly childlike fantasies (yes, I fantasized about having horses and stuff and even lied in my day to people who didn’t know me to make it sound like my family was better off than we were).  Hope that things work out for him and your family.