Causal Leadership Summit

Last week, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a seminar called “Summit on Causal Leadership.”

It was an incredible experience to be in a setting with agencies, both state and non-profit, talking about leadership.  Not just any type of leadership, but leadership that helps achieve goals for kids with special healthcare needs.

I left the meeting on Thursday with a full head of steam and a lot of ideas.  Friday’s session cemented my goals.

I plan to apply for non-profit status for “Why Not Fathers”.

I plan to develop some brochures and offer my abilities to speak to differing groups of people about fatherhood.

What it takes to be a father, how to keep a marriage alive, staying involved in the lives of our kids.

See, I have this belief.  This belief that “parenthood is a lifestyle choice.”  More on that concept at another time.

For now, one step at a time.

I am looking for speaking opportunities.  I am also looking for guest bloggers.

Fathers need to be seen as more than just a father.  We need to exemplify leadership qualities for our families.  Sure, I am the leader of my family, and I have my wife’s permission to say so.  I am speaking at a deeper level than that.

Being a dad is about more than just donating sperm.  It is about more than being the disciplinarian in the family.

I look forward to the challenge.  How can I help you?  By helping you, I am also helping myself.

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