Dragging my left foot.

For so long, I lived to care for David.  To see to his needs.  To make sure that he didn’t interfere with the needs of others.


Today was a hard day.  I spent the day with my daughters.  I forced myself to walk around the mall for a little while.

Everything hurts.  I never really paid attention to the affect that David had on my health.  I feel so ANGRY.

but then.


I remember.  and everything was worth it.  Because David is  my son, I would give everything I am for him.

There are times when I step down on my left leg and wonder if it is there.

I am struggling to get into the van a little.  the left leg always seems to get hung up.  I actually have to grab it by the knee and move it into the van on days when I am really tired.

My oldest noticed today that I am not dragging my left foot as much.  I am making a conscious effort to not drag it, since she noticed a couple of weeks ago that I drag that foot when I walk.


I guess, with David out of the house and in a safe place, I need to focus on me for a while.

Why does that thought make me feel guilty?


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