humbled by the number of people

I am humbled by the number of people who are reading my blog.  I didn’t think that our life was interesting.

I dropped some stuff off for David today.  He saw us while he was walking and even pointed at the van as if to say “hey, that looks like our van”.  But by the time I got to where he was, he had disappeared.  Not sure what that was about.

Back to yesterday when we admitted him to the facility.

I think that the hardest part of the whole thing was the complete lack of affect.  He was interested in two things.  Food and bed.

That said, he did have a good first night there.

In honesty, I wonder how long it will take for me to sleep at night instead of during the daytime?

Ah well, thank you everyone for the positive comments, the prayers and even the negative comments, though they are few, because they make us look at things from a new perspective.

To all of those people who have children with reactive attachment disorder, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  You are not alone.

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