it is 2am why am I still awake?

It is 2am here in why not fathers land.

The doctor would have a conniption if she knew I was awake all night long.

David has only been gone a couple of days, it isn’t that easy to readjust your internal clock without taking a huge amount of pills for a couple of days to do it.  Plus, my body doesn’t respond well to forced wakefulness.  It has to do things gradually.

It comes from having Lupus, Fibromyalgia and Hypothyroidism.  You learn to do things gradually.

Oh well, tomorrow night I can start working on my book a bit, and a few other things that I put off while I was caring for David full time.

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2 Responses to it is 2am why am I still awake?

  1. You know, NyQuil just released a sleeping aid. It’s advertised as same and non habit forming. It’s essentially benadryl. It works really well but doesn’t taste real good. Just a thought. 🙂