David is getting verbally aggressive

received a report today about David.  He is becoming more aggressive with staff both in the residence and at school.

He has in-school suspension on Monday.  There will be a staffing for the cottage on Monday as well, and they will plan what the next course is.

I told them that I would be happy to come up for the meeting.

I also told them that David doesn’t like school, so if he sees this as a way to get out of going to school, he will use it.

so if he becomes verbally or physically aggressive toward staff, he will be in a half hour time out in his room in the residence hall.

David has been in placement for a month now.

Not a day goes by without our thinking about him.  Most days he calls us.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those on the coast who were hit by Hurricane Sandy.  It is too bad election politics are playing a role in the relief that you so desperately need.


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